How To Get Funded Throughout Grad School | Keeping Your Funding Is Harder Than Getting Funded.

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I am a tenured associate professor of public health in the southern part of the u.s in texas and um i started this channel because i really really really really really wanted to help students particularly immigrant students and graduate students and before we get further into this article.

I want to say this video is sponsored by great learning academy so here is great learning here is their website right here great learning is india's leading professional learning company focused on upskilling working professionals and students great learning provides number one ranked pg programs in analytics ai machine learning and more um in collaboration with Scholar essay writing help universities like stanford global global school of business uh university of texas etc i mean look at all the things you can learn this many of you probably need excel for beginners right um.

So last year great learning launched grid learning academy a digital library offering over 1 000 hours of structured videos projects um assignments across 200 plus courses focused on critical career skills free of cost three all three they offer free certificate courses okay um you also get a course completion certificate so that's really good um you can sign up here um and after you register for free you don't just get access to high quality courses but also timely live interactive sessions that's amazing by industry experts from time to time that's really good you don't need an official any official college id to enroll anyone who wants to learn can register the idea for this video came from just my experiences some things that made me laugh some things that made me um feel sorry for myself and say to myself i will never allow another person go through this again and so we're talking about if i look this way i have my notes here so today we're talking about skills you need to get a graduate assistantship and to sustain a graduate assistance assistantship and so a lot of people don't realize that you can get a graduate assistantship it's not that difficult but can you sustain it i know several immigrant students that have lost their graduate assistantships because they just couldn't sustain it and one of my close friends who i helped to come to america to texas outside the first semester they fired her after her graduate after the graduate assistantship um position she held and so to me i feel like this is a very important video um even if you're not you haven't even started applying but these are things to keep in the back of your head to get and sustain a graduate assistantship um and if you do not know what a graduate assistantship is it is so it's a kind of scholarship slash funding mechanism for students for graduate students where you either help a professor teach a class if there's noise i'm outside sorry guys um you help a professor teach a class you help a professor with their research and in return they pay you and they waive your tuition and fees so that if gets me graduate assistantship is really the gold standard um for grad for getting funded for graduate school all right the first thing is apply apply apply make sure your application is solid so first apply because a lot of people say oh man a lot of people are teaming i don't know why to apply i don't know why and like why what is the harm in applying apply uh a part of the application is also emailing professors who you have found who you found online who have funding um and that's another video coming up how to i want to show you guys i'll i'll show my computer and show you guys how to identify professors with research funding and how they and how to email them um so we're gonna get into that video so watch out one of the next um one of the next few weeks we're gonna touch on that okay so apply number one uh make sure your application is a good one no errors obviously we've talked about that um in previous videos um number two is be confident during your interview and so when i was my first graduate assistantship interview during my master's program i was shaking like the guy oh my goodness the guy was asking me questions and i was literally shaking on in front of him because i was so nervous this was the week after i moved from nigeria and they were like oh there's a graduate assistantship position opening and so me and my classmate chidi hey chidi what's up so chili chili was a guy oh much older than i am and so we were both up for the um for the position and he wanted to interview both of us guess who got the job guess who got the job she already got the job because i was the best i was not confident i was shaking i was trying to change my accent i started sounding i don't even know i was having a boutique and like nigerian i even think i spoke pg that so like i was so nervous i started ranting so my advice to you is calm down you're amazing you're amazing calm down calm down okay and be confident i'm telling you confidence goes a long way if you're confident you you're more relaxed right and you're able to think of proper answers unlike me i was just a mess i'm sure the guy was like uh you i don't want to ever work with this girl so she got the job so confidence confidence confidence confidence is important because most graduate assistantship positions you're likely to be interviewed by the professor because they want to get to know you if they're going to spend money on you they want to make sure that you're not a mess like i was so learn how to use microsoft excel and learn how to or i guess google tables or google whatever the google equivalent is just learn how to use that um great learning academy is your plug go on there and check it out guys this is how you improve your life these are the skills you need to help your self okay keep your graduate assistant get a graduate assistantship because a lot of assistantships they ask you do you know how to use excel i never say you don't say yes and then get onto great learning academy get on there and learn how to use it never say you cannot use excel even whether it's for your graduate a sistership whether it's for your job whether whatever it is never say you can't do something like excel okay that's why you have great learning academy all right and also you need to learn data visualization a lot of times you you do something for your boss or for your um for the professor and they're like oh can i see this in a bar chart or you need this only that or can you do a presentation for the department what are you gonna do so those are things those are vital skills you need to learn data visualization great learning academy has all sorts of things for you to learn how to present data in a beautiful way okay so get in there and check it out all right um number are we number four now so show up early to every function show up early to every function if your if your advisor your boss says hey we're doing something let's be there too be there at 1 45 early not on time early okay be the first person day don't bring your african lateness nigerian time no no no no no no no i cut it to my son my son is like no no no no yes don't do that okay i'm telling you guys my friend i totally got fired why do you think she got fired she was always late and she would miss meetings like she treated this job like it was just like she was in nigeria like she was like whatever you know or or she treated it like she didn't really care and this was the job that was paying her very well paying her tuition paying feet like you don't want to lose that kind of job so you have to show up put your back into it that's what americans say it just means put your whole heart into it um put your energy because you know your back is like you strong part of your body right so put your back put all your energy into your job guys no don't have us anything please this is how you keep your funding so many people have lost funding even in my department right now these are not immigrant students though but they've lost funding because they just won't put their back into it they're just lazy right they're just they show up late to stuff they don't they're just not the kind of graduate assistant you want around you right so and this is me talking from a professor's standpoint and from a former student standpoint okay so i have two vantage points i'm telling you guys i'm telling you okay um stay cordial this is probably the most important tip stay cordial never let your name be in any drama in the department please if there's anything you take away from this video don't let drama and golf follow your name okay and it's very easy see in every department there's drama even in my department oh let me not even tell you let me know the first day on my job well as when i was an assistant professor it was the two professors fought like i was just like and it was this was my first date this was our first faculty meeting and i was just sitting there like what have i gotten myself into and even during my doctoral program my master's program oh my master's program the fighting was crazy like professors hated each other during my doctoral program professors they talk about each other and then the problem with this is that they drag their graduate students into this drama okay don't get caught up in this drama please don't get caught up you know why because you get caught up supporting one professor whatever then the professor tells you oh i got a job in another university i'm leaving i'm so sorry bye-bye what are you gonna do now you're stuck with no canopy covering meaning your professor that you're supporting getting yourself into drama for has left this is very common this is not i'm telling you guys this is very common has left you high and dry and now nobody wants to deal with you in the department because they feel like oh you're dramatic or you're this just keep your head down right keep your head down don't get involved in drama be kind to people be nice to people work with professors be put yourself in a position where you can work with every professor without worrying that oh my gosh i said this about the professor i said that oh um like don't be in that position and i want to thank god so much because this was this is my story i never got into drama i like there was a little tiny bit of drama in my first year but this was with another phd student and we resolved that real quick but i don't like drama because if you're at peace with everyone then i mean thing in life is so much easier and i know drama is sweet drama scores just avoid that this point is getting too long now but don't let your name be in drama don't let drama follow your name instead let's favor and excellence if you if there are two words you should think about favor and excellence let that follow your name all the time and that's it for me that's it for me guys these are some skills you need to get and sustain your graduate assistantship your funding um all right i will see you next week in my next video please if you love this video if even if you this is not for you but if there are other contents on my channel that you have enjoyed and you keep coming back why don't you subscribe join the family i don't know why i'm singing or doing this alright see you guys love you i will talk to you later bye

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