The Ultimate Guide to Having a Bachelorette Party in Nightclubs

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A well known Toronto party ritual is and always will be Barcode Saturdays!


A bachelorette party in nightclubs should be an all-around good time. You'll have the chance to eat, drink, dance the night away with your bridesmaids. But you might feel out of place if you don't know how to handle things when it comes to visiting nightclubs or any type of bar establishment, for that matter. We've put together some great Bachelorette Party Ideas that will ensure you your bridesmaids have the best time at your destination of choice. 


By far, one of your best options for throwing an incredible bachelorette party is hosting it at a top Toronto nightclub like Barcode Saturdays. You your girls are certain to have fun dancing all night long on top of tables or grinding up against handsome men dressed as hula dancers. If you don't already know, Toronto clubs get packed on weekends, so if you don't have a reservation, then you might end up waiting in line outside until someone leaves so you can take their spot. 


You can easily find many venues that allow you to host your event, but no one can come close to Barcode Saturdays. Their weekly events include some of Toronto's hottest DJs, who always make their crowds go wild. With a big selection of VIP packages available, you'll be able to create exactly what you want for your friends. There are even packages designed specifically for bachelorette parties! 


As soon as you arrive at Barcode Saturdays, you will feel like celebrities with bottle service other perks. This venue actually has everything you need to throw a memorable bachelorette party. If you really want to impress your friends, book them a table and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience, they won't forget anytime soon. 


Barcode Saturdays, Toronto's longest-running party, is will always be the #1 Celebrity Party! Barcode Saturdays know how to delight everyone. Every week, Barcode Saturdays feature a special guest DJ MCs, as well as special events involving internationally recognized DJs personalities. 


Bottle service is strongly recommended, reservations should be made well in advance because of the popularity of Barcode Saturdays among residents and traveling visitors. Call 416-735-7827 for more information.


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