Paper Food Tray Forming Machine

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Paper Food Tray Forming Machine

The paper food tray forming machine is constructed to make paper cake tray, paper loaf pan, paper bread tray, etc. With its mechanical structure, the tray forming machine conducts automatic feeding of paper blanks. Two forming modules are made of aluminum alloy and feature high precision and reliable durability, enabling the two paper food trays to be simultaneously folded and formed with a result of superior look.Using microcomputer control allows the machine to be easily operated. All electrical parts and key components are imported from world’s well-known brands, ensuring the high quality and simple maintenance of the machine. Furthermore, this paper tray forming machine can be operated by one person, which greatly lowers your labor cost. Energy-saving, stable and simple operation, microcomputer detection, and domestic advanced technology products. The fastest working speed is 50 times per minute. It has a monitor computer system. If the fault the machine will stop and alarming. This machine adopts a built-in hot air generator, suitable for single PE coated paper.

Food trays assist waiters and customers in conveniently carrying food. In the restaurant and diner setting, trays help waiters deliver orders in an efficient and timely manner. Instead of using both hands to carry only two pieces of tableware and utensils, waiters can put them on restaurant trays at the same time, considering the tray isn’t overcrowded. Using trays gives waiters the opportunity to save time and serve customers in a faster and more convenient manner.

On the other hand, customers in fast food restaurants and self-service diners can easily carry their food to their tables once they have finished ordering. In this way, the staff can separate orders by placing them on trays and serving them on the counter. Once the customer picks up their own tray, they’re good to go.


Lunch Box Making Machine

Disposable lunch food boxes machine have been changed from foam lunch boxes to environmentally friendly lunch boxes. The original foam lunch boxes are not resistant to high temperatures and the production process causes damage to the environment and is eliminated. Plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, wooden lunch boxes, degradable lunch boxes are available, and many more. Among them, plastic has the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, simple production, and relatively low cost, and has become the mainstream material for manufacturing disposable fast food boxes. PP polypropylene, with mechanical and thermal properties, is suitable for food packaging. Lunch boxes are divided into environmentally friendly lunch boxes, mainly plastic, paper, starch, and rare metals. In addition to being used for packaging, disposable lunch boxes have also become a substitute for tableware in many restaurants today. Disposable items, not repeated use, can effectively prevent the cross-infection of infectious diseases through dirty tableware and prevent diseases from entering the mouth. And the disposable lunch box is also brought with you, not easy to break and many other conveniences. In today's society, it has become a disposable plastic tableware in the fast food industry, and it is also widely welcomed by young people nowadays.Because it is convenient and fast, it prevents many bacteria and germ infections caused by improper cleaning of tableware. The inconvenience caused by the machine for disinfecting tableware is also eliminated. The disposable lunch box is convenient and hygienic to use.


What Are the Advantages of the New Environmentally Friendly Lunch Box and the Traditional Lunch Box

Modern people are busy with work and study every day, and generally need to stay up late to work overtime, and the frequency of ordering takeout is relatively high. The price of these advanced environmentally friendly lunch boxes is also more expensive than ordinary lunch boxes. The main reason is that the newRecycle Lunch Box Machine has better heat resistance. Compared with the traditional lunch box, it is easy to melt or chemically react when it encounters hot blanching, which is not good for people's health. Most of the new environmentally-friendly lunch boxes can hold soup products without deformation or side leakage. The tightness is better. The new environmentally friendly lunch box also pursues simplicity and elegance in appearance. If we want to send our delicious food to the surrounding people, the exquisite packaging of the food can indeed increase the appetite of the consumers.

This new type of environmentally friendly lunch box has a certain degree of particularity, with excellent anti-extrusion effect and fresh-keeping effect. Fruits can be carried inside. It is already a daily necessity for many office workers and student groups.Fresh-keeping boxes are often only preliminary for storing food and sealing and do not have the isolation conditions for environmentally friendly lunch boxes for meals and soups. If confused, it may increase the difficulty of cleaning.With people's pursuit of low-carbon life, many people have joined in advocating environmental protection themes. Use more degradable tableware. Most environmentally friendly lunch boxes can well carry out secondary resource regeneration. And the production process also saves resources, for example, fibre from herb plants is used as the main raw material. When friends are gathering, using this environmentally friendly lunch box can effectively prevent the spread of diseases. And the exquisite style is not inferior to the traditional tableware.


Why Coffee Machines are important in a workplace

A coffee pot just doesn’t cut it anymore as people’s tastes for this beverage are now so diverse. Hence, coffee machines are now a common sight in workplaces. But as an employer looking to join the train, you may be wondering what the importance of this popular equipment is in a workplace. Well, wonder no more. This article will show you why a coffee maker is a must-have in your work area.The wonderworking properties of caffeine are not a secret. Everyone knows good caffeine is enough to put a warm smile on your face and kick tiredness out the door. When your staffs have a steady supply of this beverage, the coffee cup machine bound to be more productive. Having this machine is not just beneficial to your staff but also to your customers. That perfect cup of steaming hot beverage may be all you require to seal the deal.Also, your customers are sure to be impressed by the happy atmosphere in the workplace. Coffee machines in offices and workplaces are now commonplace and are regarded as must-haves in any office space.If you weren’t convinced about the need for one in your workplace before reading this article, we believe the advantages we discussed above have convinced you to get one.


Advantages of ice cream ice cream filling machine

The ice cream machine is a multi-functional filling equipment that can fill multi-head ice cream through intermittent linear motion. Mainly produce cone ice cream, cup ice cream, wreath and rotating ice cream, two-color and three-color ice cream, jam ice cream, chocolate ice cream and flat-cut products.

1. The ice cream filling machine is fully automatic, without manual intervention

The ice cream filling machine is generally fully automatic in the process of operation, and no manual intervention is required at all. Therefore, when we use the ice cream filling machine to produce and process the product, as long as we can operate the machine in accordance with the basic mechanical operation and understand the basic safety protection knowledge, then the ice cream filling machine will generally not show any problem. Therefore, the ice cream filling machine has a very strong technical advantage in the process of use, and it can be fully automated without any manual involvement.

2. The ice cream filling machine is very safe

When the ice cream filling machine is in use, not only can the operation be automated, but also the safety during the operation will be very high. Therefore, as long as the company can ensure the correctness of the mechanical operation when using the ice cream filling machine, then there is no need to worry about other issues when using the ice cream filling machine.

3. The operation process of the ice cream filling machine is very simple

Friends who are familiar with the ice cream filling machine will know that the process of the ice cream filling machine is very simple during the operation. The technician only needs to turn on the power of the ice cream filling machine first, and then set up a series of programs of the ice cream filling machine, and the ice cream filling machine can start operation. There can be special guards during the operation, but the ice cream filling machine can still achieve the effect of safe operation without special guards. And as long as the operating procedures set by the technicians are correct, there will be no operating errors when the ice cream filling machine is in operation. Therefore, as long as we can ensure the correctness of the operation when using the ice cream filling machine, the machine can give us a satisfactory operation effect when the machine is working.

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