White coats: How long should doctors wear them?

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White coats: How long should doctors wear them?


Medical While coat contamination increases progressively with the duration of use, there are no guidelines on how frequently medical white coats should be changed. The purpose of our study was to examine the turnover of individual batch of medical white coats in a university hospital.

Study design and methods

A retrospective analysis of the white coat turnover of 826 physicians was performed by using the hospital laundry computerized database and an electronic declarative survey (240 responses) to evaluate the duration of medical white coat use.


There was a wide discrepancy between the data extracted from the laundry database and those from the survey. The median factual duration of use (20 days, range: 15–30) corresponding to a turnover of 2 (1–2) coats per month, was widely underestimated by the physicians. Multivariate analysis identified 4 independent factors associated with a declared use of coats longer than 7 days: estimation of insufficient gown turnover,daily change considered as not useful,non-medical specialtyand presence of stains on gowns.


Hospital Supply Expenses: An Important Ingredient in Health Services Research

The purpose of this article is to shed light on hospital supplies expenses, which form the second largest expense category after payroll and hold more promise for improving cost-efficiency compared to payroll. However, limited research has rigorously scrutinized this cost category, and it is rarely given specific consideration across cost-focused studies in health services publications. After reviewing previously cited estimates, we examine and independently validate supply expense data (collected by the American Hospital Association) for over 3,500 U.S. hospitals. We find supply expenses to make up 15% of total hospital expenses, on average, but as high as 30% or 40% in hospitals with a high case-mix index, such as surgery-intensive hospitals. Future research can use supply expense data to better understand hospital strategies that aim to manage costs, such as systemization, physician-hospital arrangements, and value-based purchasing.


Medicinal health pillow with additional pillowslip

The utility model relates to a medicinal health pillow with an additional pillowslip, comprising a pillowcase inner core filling materials, and the pillowcase is filled with the inner core filling materials. An additional pillowslip is sheathed at the outer side of the pillowcase, lower layer cloth is stitched at the inner side of the additional pillowslip, and holding space is formed between the lower layer cloth and the additional pillowslip. One side of the holding space is provided with an opening, a pharmaceutical bag is arranged in the holding space, is filled with various pharmaceutical with different functions, the various pharmaceutical with the different functions can have excellent health care function. The pharmaceutical bag is provided with a plurality of suture lines by which the pharmaceutical bag is divided into a plurality of strip shape space therefore, the pharmaceutical does not get together. The upper surface and the lower surface of the pillowslip are opposite and are connected together by cloth and the suture lines, and the height of the cloth is smaller than the height of the integral body of the pillow. Therefore, the medicinal health pillow with the additional pillowslip forms downward concave portions at the position of the suture lines.


The Many Benefits of wearing workwear

Whether talking about working in an office, factory, construction site, restaurant or some other type of public space, the health and safety of employees should not be ignored. And ensuring a maximum level of safety whileworking is possible by wearing the appropriate type of workwear. Fortunately, workwear has come a long way over the years. In fact, nowadays, uniforms are even considered fashionable pieces in most industries, and it’s refreshing to see that there are more and more offline and online workwear shop options that allow you to find exactly what you are looking for. Although there are plenty of them, finding one which you can truly rely on is key to having a continuous successful collaboration. And this trust can be based only on the workwear shop reliability, and the quality and durability of the uniforms they offer. In fact, buying high-quality, sturdy yet appropriate workwear for your line of business is the only way to protect your employees while working according to the Australian law and standards. That being said, let’s see what are the other benefits of wearing appropriate work attire.

Increased Responsibility

According to some studies, employees will take their job more seriously and will work more professionally when wearing branded work attire. This is because work attire can have a phycological effect and impact the way they see their work, which can make them strive to be more responsible. And all this can lead to a stronger relationship between your employees and your customers.

A Feeling of Equality

Except for increasing their safety and promoting responsibility, wearing the same work attire will make your employees feel equal and that can, in turn, help them bond better which is pretty important for their productivity and for the success of your business.

Brand Promotion

Uniforms that have the company’s logo on them are a great way to promote your brand. Every time one of your employees sets a foot in a public place (while wearing the uniform), they turn into your ‘free walking commercial or billboard’, call it as you wish. In fact, it is considered that this is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to promote your brand and company outside closed doors.

Easily Reachable

Another great thing about uniforms is that you can print your phone number on them which can be pretty beneficial for your business. Except for acting as a free commercial, your customers will be able to write down your number while on the go and contact you later.



Nurses didn’t just start wearing scrubs out of nowhere… Let’s take it back to the 1980s. Nursing students undertaking their training in the 80s remember wearing a pinstriped dress with white stockings and shoes, topped with a brown cape. Others remember a buttoned-down uniform and wearing caps. Some remember pale, yellow-coloured dresses with red pins that looked a lot liked scrambled eggs and sauce. Whatever the uniform, nurses wore them with pride, but little could be said about its comfort. Let’s just say these uniforms did not understand the assignment.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but it’s mind-blowing what good scrubs can do. Not only are they super comfortable, but they can help you work the best you can. Here’s the tea on why healthcare professionals are obsessed with scrubs.

It’s surprising to think that we’ve only been using new and improved medical scrub uniform in Australia since the 1990s. It wasn’t until the 1990s when female nurses successfully advocated for pants to be a part of their uniform. Trousers were not just more functional, but more practical in a hospital and clinical environment where their work was physically strenuous.

This change to medical uniforms came about to reflect the changing needs of women in Australia. This change mirrored the importance of team when it comes to patient focus. When you wear comfortable, functional scrubs, you can give patients the best care you can, keeping patient experience at the centre.

Both nurses and doctors work side by side to care for patients and so, they both wear scrubs. It’s less about your job title and more about providing excellent care as a team. There’s more of a level playing field when it comes to healthcare professionals. Every single healthcare professional has an equal part to play!

Since the adoption of scrubs, very few clinical staff members choose to wear a skirt or dress. Not only are scrubs practical, but they’re also easier to wash and are much more comfortable. Talk about a glow up!

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