Semnan University of Medical Sciences

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Semnan University of Medical Sciences (SEMUMS), affiliated with the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, is one of the medical universities located in the east of Iran. It is a state medical university located in Semnan, established in 1989. It has always been actively involved not only in academic activities but also in research, healthcare and treatment. The University offers a wide range of opportunities and excellent facilities for study and research in the fields of medicine and is a nationally recognized institution of excellence providing superior education, research and therapeutic services to the community.

Semmes is the home campus for state-level programs in medical fields such as pharmacy, dentistry, health, nursing, allied medicine and rehabilitation majors. As one of the best medical research universities in Iran, Semsam strives to encourage researchers and facilitate their needs to achieve its research and educational goals. The university strives to fulfil three main missions: research, education and healthcare.


Advantages of MBBS in Semnan University of Medical Sciences

To begin with, SEMUMS academic work and activities are not limited to classrooms, libraries and laboratories. Every week, many companies hold conferences and meetings on various topics and in various industries. You can search for and participate in similar events. For some events, you may be asked to serve on an event's organizing committee or you may be given the option to volunteer. These are wonderful opportunities to help with a variety of duties while getting to know your classmates and friends in a beautiful environment. Other student unions and groups are also active in other schools.

Their interests are diverse and include scientific or academic work, various periodicals and magazines, leisure hobbies like climbing and so on. You can also choose to participate in sports. Semnan University of Medical Sciences has various sports teams for girls and boys and the necessary resources and equipment to develop and support its participants. If you excel in a particular sport and want to pursue your passion as a team member, you can compete on one of the university teams.

Fortunately, the significant number of SEMUMS students at all levels, both Iranian and international, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet your expectations of a vibrant and engaged university community. Life at SEMUMS will definitely provide you with a unique lifestyle due to its unique academic and non-academic environment. Another significant advantage of joining this university is the scholarships it offers. There are various grants available to help students manage their expenses.


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