How to Install the Server Test for AFK Arena in 2022

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Install the Server Test for AFK Arena in 2022

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Like multiple games in this genre, AFK Arena is regularly modernized to fix bugs or add content. To confirm that these updates are implemented in the best possible way, Lilith Games uses a server test.

This guide will introduce you to how to install this server test. Whether you play on a PC or Android, it is possible to play through this server to test new updates before anyone else.

The " test " server of AFK Arena explained in this guide is not a server. Instead, it is a server operating in a small Asian region that Lilith Games uses as a server test.

In AFK Arena, there are AFK Arena codes that you can utilize to earn free diamonds, soul stones, gold, hero scrolls, and more rewards. Players can employ these arena codes to access resources like Diamonds, Gold, Hero Essence, Hero Scrolls, and Soul stones.

What Is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena, which was launched globally for Android and iOS. AFK Arena was developed and issued by a Chinese video game development studio, Lilith Games. Globally, this game was released for Android and iOS. On April 9th, 2019, the operating system was downloaded more than 10 million times. 

AFK Arena, also known as Gacha, is a pretending saint-assortment game. This indicates that you will be able to gather different saints throughout the game and then collect some codes to fight enemies. 

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The track AFK Arena has been given is unique and specific. The slide utilized in the game is of increased grade. You will also see that some little text boxes look very cool in some settings. 

The creative style and the western drawing techniques employed in the game are a good mix. This is one of the most suggested games because of its design, easy yet admired look, and responsive user interface.

Install the Server Test on a PC

As we are regularly present to you, playing AFK Arena on a PC is the optimal way to enjoy the game. We will start with the process to follow if you plan to install the test server for AFK Arena on your PC.

Download APK File

Your first move will be to download the APK file (file design for the Android operating system, therefore usable through BlueStacks) of the server in question.

Several sites will propose you download it. We advise you to go to the only official site because it is in French and is edited regularly.

On the website, explore AFK Arena and connect on the second link (the one with the red eye that will reach out second - see the image below).

Connecting to this link will turn you to a download page where you can pick which version to install. After that, click on the button version.

After, the site will show you several versions of the game to download. Prefer to download the most recent one (refer to the date, although the most current version will usually be the foremost one in the list).

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Install the APK File on an Emulator

After downloading the APK file, you will require to install an Android emulator. We inform you to use the BlueStacks emulator, which is currently the most secure and powerful. Once installed, drag the APK file to your BlueStacks library to initiate the installation.

After that, BlueStacks will take a few moments to install the server test. When installed, a message will prove it, and you will have entry to a "new" AFK Arena in your inventory of games (with the exact red-eye as on the website).

Now, you can launch the game via the server used as a test by Lilith Games.

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Install the Test Server on Mobile

As AFK Arena is a mobile game only, it is likely to install the test server on your mobile (given you are using Android and not iOS).

Install the Test Server on Android

The method is very similar to establishing the test server on a PC. Instead, you will require to download the related APK file. You will see it on the official website. 

After downloading it, please choose it and establish it. Your Android system may alert you that " for your security, your phone is not permitted to install unknown applications from this source. "

You must go to your phone's settings to authorize its installation (settings/security / check the " unknown sources " option). The structure of the test server of AFK Arena can begin.

By then, your phone will have established a second version of AFK Arena. Like the PC installation, it will be recognizable among your games by its red-eye icon. You will then be capable of launching AFK Arena in its server test on your Android device.

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Final Words

After reading the above guide, you hold all the cards in hand to successfully install the AFK Arena server test on your PC or your mobile. I hope you enjoyed this guide. 

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