8 Awesome Android Racing Games

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Are you getting confused about selecting racing games among thousands of games from the play store? Then go down here we sort best of them.

Plenty of incredible racing games are available for play on your Android mobile device, so Put your foot down; you don't need a console.

While the screen is smaller, the thrill of screaming over the finish line remains the same. While getting bored at home or school, you can play such exciting racing games, but at school, using wifi network to play online racing games.

At that time, we could not play or access it, as schools restrict such games for discipline purposes.

However, we can play it by making racing games unblocked using node unblocker. Node unblocker simply provides you access to blocked or restricted sites.

Here are our picks for the best tyre-screechers to play on a smaller screen.

Excellent Racing games for Android

Racing games have grown in popularity in recent years due to their immersive nature and excellent gameplay.

Many racing games are released on Android regularly, but not all are good. So, to assist you, here are the top 9 best Android racing games!

1. Dirt Bike Unchained

Can you get your hands on your very own prized Red Bull helmet? The new Red Bull Racing game for Android and iOS is the best way to experience the thrill of moto racing.

You can navigate your way down courses worldwide, nailing jumps and tricks and unlocking new bikes, gear, and recognizable real-life riders.

Also, read our most recent feature on the creation of Dirt Bike Unchained.

2. Horizon Chase: World Tour


The best racing games for a particular generation were defined not by realism, lap times, and pixel-perfect recreations of famous tracks but by weaving in and out of oncoming traffic and drifting to booming chiptunes.

Horizon Chase: World Tour is an accurate replication of the subgenre by Sega's classic OutRun, perfectly ported to phones and featuring nearly 100 tracks to blast through.

It is not a free-to-play game with in-app purchases like many other mobile games. However, the first five tracks are free to see if it's still your jam.

3. Bike Unchained 2

Bike Unchained 2 is a cycling game with enough action and adrenaline to make our list of the best racing games for Android.

It transfers data exceptionally well, the thrill of hurtling down a mountainside to touchscreens.

The goal of slopestyle is to get to the bottom as quickly and impressively as possible, thrashing your way ahead of the competition by throwing tricks.

There's plenty of gear to unlock and a workshop full of real-world bike parts to build from - what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?

4 Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft has spent decades figuring out how to bring full-scale gaming experiences to smartphones, and after nine iterations of their hit racing franchise, it's safe to say they've got it down pat.

Asphalt 9: Legends concentrates on the simplest pleasures that realistic graphics can provide - thrashing a licensed Ferrari or Porsche around - while keeping the touchscreen action streamlined and extremely silly.

Want to take out a friend in eight-player multiplayer by slamming on the handbrake and doing a 360 in the middle of the street? Take a chance.

5 Mario Kart Tour


If you need a refresher on Mario Kart at this point, where have you been for the last quarter-century?

Are you hiding somewhere under a blue shell? You might not be aware that everyone's favorite kart racer is now available to play on Android smartphones (and iOS as well).

It has received an essential under-the-hood upgrade in the months since its initial release: online multiplayer.

It's never been more socially acceptable to throw banana skins at your friends to trip them up.

6 GRID Autosport

Before Codemasters' GRID series returned on consoles in 2019, mobile gamers were delivering a masterclass in revitalizing a string through a heady mix of realism and pure.

No-holds-barred thrills treated to the arrival of GRID Autosport, which accomplished the same feat on a smaller screen.

GRID Autosport foregoes the bells and whistles to deliver a stunningly realistic and incredibly tough racing simulator.

Thanks to its customizable controls and stunning visuals, Grid Autosport may be at the front of the pack regarding mobile racers.

7 CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 by NaturalMotion Games is one of the most popular racing games on mobile, and it's easy to see why.

The gameplay is simple, but it's in the beautiful loop of victory, currency, and customization that the game comes to life.

While the racing can sometimes seem like an afterthought, the feeling of accomplishment when your vehicle becomes a souped-up speed demon is challenging to replicate.

In 2016, CSR Racing 2 was released, and the sheer amount of content ensures that we could be playing the incredibly generous drag racing title for years to come.

8 Grand Prix Story 2

Those who have played Kairosoft's excellent management sims Game Dev Story and Grand Prix Story 2 will be familiar to fans of Hot Springs Story., the sequel to the equally fabulous 2011 original.

Grand Prix Story deserves to be on this list despite not being a racing game because of its addictive gameplay, which puts you in charge of a fledgling racing team to build it into a fierce winning machine.

Everyone else is in for a pleasant surprise, and it is easily available on the play store. Grand Prix Story is an excellent racing game without racing.

Staff management, vehicle customization, and part acquisition play a role as you race (or manage) your way to the finish line.

It's profoundly charming and incredibly addictive.

Final Words

To avoid wasting money and data, reviewing the list of best racing games for Android and trying one or more of them is prudent. I am confident that they will not disappoint you.

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