Windrowing Canola Harvester Header Parts Australia

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Windrowing canola can reduce pod shattering, but it must be done when the crop is green. It also reduces yield losses, as pod shattering can lower the quality of the oil. Windrowing is generally preferred over direct heading, especially for crops with big maturing differences. Windrowing can also help prevent fire. Every year, at least 1000 combine harvesters catch fire in Australia, but farmers can avoid this by taking certain precautions.

Canola harvester

Canola harvester header parts are an essential part of the canola cropping process. These parts can help the grower maximize yields and increase quality. Unlike conventional harvesters, which are manually adjusted, modern harvesters can be easily adjusted from the cab. With an adjustable upper cross auger, the crop can be continuously fed during the harvesting process.

Canola header

Canola harvester header parts Australia are available from manufacturers in Canada, the US, and Australia. Independent header specialists have also piled into the UK market ahead of this year's harvest campaign. Honey Bee is a Canadian company, and MacDon is a US-based company. Both companies recently launched new draper models with 20% more capacity and 30% faster working speed.

Canola fungus

Canola front is susceptible to Downy Mildew, a fungus that thrives under cool, damp conditions. This fungus infects young seedlings and is not always harmful, but it can also cause significant damage. The symptoms of the disease include chlorotic yellow areas on the leaf surface. The disease also affects young seedlings, especially those with cotyledons.


A windrower is an essential part of the canola harvesting process. Its role is to create a clean and neat row of crop, reducing the risk of weather damage to the crop. Several types of windrowers are available in Australia, including self-propelled windrowers, belt-front harvesters, and drapers.

Variable-speed system

farm harvester can benefit from variable-speed systems that control the feed rate to the header. Variable-speed systems can increase productivity and reduce labor costs. This system is available with several different models and features.


Alternaria is a soil-borne fungus that can cause significant yield losses in canola. This fungus can attack all parts of the plant, causing the leaves to turn a dark brown, black, or greyish white color. Infections can also affect the seed, causing premature pod ripening and seed shriveling.

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