How to distinguish the quality of the quality of Socket Mould?

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Many people's household appliances often have problems. In addition to their own quality reasons, it has a lot to do with the poor quality of the electrical Socket Mould, so it is particularly important to choose a Socket Mould.

Four conditions for buying switches are also suitable for buying more, qualified brand Socket Mould. Not only are the production names on the Socket MOULD or single packaging, some also marked the detailed address of the production plant, and there are trademarks and inspection qualification certificates. In addition to the fine process, the appearance, jack, and contact with copper pieces are smooth, the contact with the copper sheet is thicker and good elastic, and the feel is strong when plugging. The wiring screws can be tight without slipping. The jack and contact copper chips are not biased.

There are many inferior SOCKET MOLD in the market, and the characteristics are relatively obvious: rough craftsmanship, the appearance, jack, and contact with copper pieces have burrs, and the copper sheet is thin and not elastic. The plug is inserted into the feeling of weakness. The insertion is not tight. If there is a slight vibration, the power is disconnected. Even if the hand is loose, take it out and look at it. There are no contact films in some ground jacks. The insulation shell is thin, poor mechanical strength, fragile, and the rotating plugs that can be rotated by weight and selling can be lock -up. " , Single insertion can be opened, the insertion, and the card resistance is severe. cheap price.

socket mould https://www.tangrammould.com/Five-Pin-Multipal-Socket-Mould.html

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